Help Contents
User's Guide
Learn how to use the Design Room ONE web application.

What's New
Learn about the news in this release of Design Room ONE.

Installation Instructions
Learn how to install and deploy the Design Room ONE web server.

System Requirements
Information about versions of software that are supported for installing, running and using with Design Room ONE.

Requirement Management
The Design Room ONE Integration for Devops Model Architect or Rational Software Architect Designer allows you to visualize requirements from DOORS NG and link your model elements to them. Such requirement links can also be exported to Design Room ONE. Read more about the Requirement Management feature in this document.

Using Rational Publishing Engine with Design Room ONE
Learn how to create and publish reports containing data from a Design Room ONE server. This document has a practical hands-on tutorial that doesn't assume previous experience from using Rational Publishing Engine. It also contains a reference manual describing all available reporting REST APIs.

Migrating from Design Manager to Design Room ONE
If you are currently using Rational Software Architect Design Manager and want to migrate to use Design Room ONE instead, this document is your guide.

Automated Export to Design Room ONE
A step-by-step guide for how to set-up automatic export of DMA or RSAD or RSARTE or RTist models to Design Room ONE using Git and Jenkins.

Authentication Setup Guide
This document describes how to setup and use authentication and user management in Design Room ONE by means of integrating with Keycloak.

Video Gallery
This document contains the list of instructional and feature demo videos that are published during the releases of Design Room ONE.

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